10 reasons to switch to eCigs!

People think that switching to ecigs is only for their health. It’s true, but together with health benefits you will gain few more things:

1. Your clothes, hair and hands won’t smell of cigarettes anymore
2. Skin will stop being „oily”
3. You won’t disturb others
4. eLiquids can act as scented candles in a room, car or office
5. eLiquids are much lighter for your pocket
6. You can vape indoors
7. Vaping doesn’t make your teeth go yellow
8. Your breath will smell nicely
9. You will never curse because you’ve lost a lighter 😉
10. The variety of eLiquids and eCigarettes is massive, you will find hundreds of flavours that are impossible to get in a pack of cigarettes.

Vape On People!