10 things that it’s better to do with e-cig than with tabacco cigarette

1. walking – you can vape your e-cig on the street, with traditional cigarette you are on risk to get a fine
2. taking a bath – you can vape and enjoy the smell of your aromatic bath and you don’t need to worry about the ash that could fall into the water
3. Hiking– its easier to hike with e-cig, you can breathe easly and enjoy the nature
4. Driving– its prohibited to smoke while driving, when using e-cig you can use it when its safe enough (you can have the e-cig hanged on your neck), there is no problem with the ash and bad smell in your car
5. reading the book – don’t worry about the ask on your book
6. cleaning – you don’t need to stop cleaning to have a break for smoke, you can vape while cleaning which means you are going to finish faster and have more free time
7. using the computer – you can save the time vaping e-cig, you don’t need to go outside for smoke
8. working – your employer is going to be more happy when you stop doing breaks for smoking
9. excercise – your condition can be a way better when using the e-cig
10. party – vape on the party