5 solid reasons why e-cigarettes DO help in quitting smoking!

Well WHO stated that there is actually no solid facts or research on the success rate of e-cigarettes in quitting smoking. Moreover, there’s no studies on e-cigarettes causing cancer, but the caring WHO claims they should be, so on paper they are:) Isn’t that nice? Isn’t the tobacco lobby great, to provide us with such incredible studies and facts? Sure they are 😉

Why don’t I show you guys, why eCig is actually as good (or better) as any other method for quitting smoking:

1. While quitting smoking we do not just quit the nicotine, we quit a habit. Combine, the favourable smoke/vape with some nicotine hit, and you’ve got yourself a routine substitute. While we’re on the nicotine…

2. … the nicotine inside an e-Liquid is no other than the same stuff they put into nicorette patches or inhalers. It just depends on the e-liquid what the quality of nicotine they use. Want to be sure of it? Use producers that can provide you with info on their nico, like HALO, JC (USA) or COLINSS (EUROPE).

3. Don’t believe everything WHO says – vaping is a huge threat to „analogs”, so until the producers become worldwide powers, they will be put down by tobacco kings. There is actually more evidence on the existence of yeti than on cancer being caused by glycerine or glycol (since they are in almost every syrup, ointment, etc).

4. Since the nicotine is delivered through lungs, you won’t have to wait for the kick, your hunger gets beaten down in a matter of seconds 😉

5. IT’S CHEAP!!!! We all know how many cigarettes cost. But do you know how much a therapy is? Patches are over 25euro per pack, that lasts for a week or less. Inhalers are almost twice as expensive. Ecigarette on the other hand…25 euro is more than enough for a nice starter kit with an e-liquid inside and the „refills” can be done weekly and cost less than 5 euro :))

As always, VapeON guys :)))