Does ecigarette taste as a real one?

It’s probably one of the biggest drawback of ecigarette. Every first time esmoker thinks that ecigarette is gonna to taste like a real one, a big disappointment show up. Many smokers hope vaping will get you the same feeling like smoking. Is that true? Not really. To vape ecigarette you have to choose one of the many taste of eliquid that companies offer you. It can be any taste you want as for example the most popular is fruit taste. You can also choose taste of tradition ecigarette.

The honest fact is that while some e-liquids do taste very much like real tobacco, smoke is what gives real cigarettes their taste. Unless e-cigarette contains burning tobacco, it will never taste like a real cigarette. Whats the best in that is a fact that e-cigarettes can taste incredible. When your sense of taste will start to return, you will wonder how you could ever enjoy smoking those filthy cigarettes;-)