E-cig history story part 2

In second part of e-cig history story I would like to introduce PEN style cigarettes which were some kind of breakthrough in e-cig. This was the first full 3 part e-cig. PEN style 155 took it’s name from the look of normal pen. This was totally new way of e-cigs which show that electronic cigarette can look different from normal cigarette which was the first task. Pen style had bigger battery about 350-450 mAh. There was a totally separate heating chamber which was bigger than in 98 and 105 models. Last part of that 3part device was mouthpiece with some kind of sponge fulfilled with e-liquid. This model was much more „professional” but there was also several problems such as leaking from the mouthpiece and sucking not heated liquid. Moreover not everybody liked new look!