E-cig history story part 3

In the third part I would like to introduce model which personally was my favorite one. Populary named KR808D. It was cigarette which immitate normal cigarette in best way. It was almost identical! The biggest advantage was totaly new way of transfering liquid to heater. This model was a two part cigarette with disposable cartomizer. Cartomizer was a breakthrogh in that times. It was easy to use „one time shot” for almost 300-400 puffs. It was a part with quite good quality of smoking. Battery was about 250-400 mAh and cartomizer was mounted at the top. Cartomizer has its own heater built in and sponge with e-liquid. It was disposable part. Biggest problem of this solution was overheating of whole cartomizer which caused burning of lips. Best advantage of this system was soft mouthpiece with sponge which was immitating normal cigarette filter.