eCigs and eLiquids – few reasons for not getting involved…

As you know I am a great fan of ecigarettes and eliquids and I support them in almost every way. You’ve also seen me posting many articles on vaping where I show all the advantages of this new trend. To be honest as every single thing you will some drawbacks when using these devices. Let me tell you what may they be:

1. Headaches!!! It’s easy to forget yourself while vaping. You can vape at home, in your office, train, bus, pub. Overdose is a must in such situations. What you can expect then? You’ll be sleepy, won’t be able to focus, your head will hurt, same with lungs.
2. Matrix! There is one scene that perfectly describes my point. When NEO arrives in the City of Machines he is covered in wires… CHARGERS, CHARGERS EVERYWHERE. As every electrical device, this little ecigarette will need to be charged almost every day.
3. Ok, that’s all. I love vaping 😀