eLiquid – overdose…

„All zu viel ist ungesund” – as the old german saying implies you can overdose EVERYTHING. Even something that is supposedly harmless. Same thing applies to vaping. Recently I began testing eliquids for a larger scale for a certain producer. It’s nice, the ingredients are highest quality possible, the flavours also pretty nice. What is the downside? Try vaping 30 different flavours a day.. Oh, sorry, I forgot – you can’t vape 0mg nicotine eliquids, because the nicotine changes sometimes the flavour. So, after few hours I’m dizzy, sometimes sick and definitely a bit f*cked up for the rest of the day. I walk half dead, like a zombie, can’t eat, can’t drink.

AND THERE IS NOTHING YOU CAN DO. You have to wait. Best advice to avoid it? Vape with your brain turned ON! Even too much sex can kill you..so I’ve heard 😛