How to mix eLiquids flavours?

Many times you wish you had something more in your ecigarette, something unusual, maybe a flavour that you personally like, but isn’t provided by your favourite brand. What do you do? You start to mix the liquids you have and with just a bit of common sense you might get wonderful results. Like with everything you should follow some rules and the ones I do are listed below;)

1. Always mix liquids from the same producer – liquids might have different ingredients, ones that might not work so great together. They may also be of different PG/VG ratio, I’ve never mixed 50/50 with 70/30 for example, but I don’t think the result would be any good.
2. Use common sense! Mix flavours that contrast each other. For example it sounds ok to mix a sweet strawberry eliquid with a menthol one, but if you try to mix chockolate with waffle or caramel, though it may taste good as Twix, it will be overwhelmingly sweet and even sickening in an eliquid.
3. Mix just few drops of each liquid. You may don’t like the mix at first and if you use 1ml of each flavour you will end up with a tank full of shit.
4. Write down your results. You may find the best flavour you’ve ever tasted in your life, but what’s the point if you won’t be able to repeat the result. Write down what you mix and in what quantities.
5. Use „special equipment”. Don’t just use the measurements on the tank, most of the times they are nothing more than design. What is the best equipment? Use a regular syringe and a needle. Nothing works better. You all would be surprised how many pro factories use syringes for small quantities.

As always, vapeON guys, and have a nice day 🙂