Is that going to be a future of ecigarette?

Many users are used to experiencing the benefits of recent technological advances in the world of e-cigarettes. New devices and better e-liquids are making the experience of smoking e-cigarettes better everyday. However, new advances in technology may be going a little too far.

Phillip Morris, makers of Marlboro and many other tobacco brands, filed a patent on October 7th, 2014, for a “smart” e-cigarette device, that may be the next wave in e-cigarette technology. The device, an “Electronically Heated Smoking System,” connects to your computer or tablet with a USB cord. The device isn’t exactly a vape pen, but truly is a hybrid – one that includes an element that can heat raw tobacco, not just e-liquid. The heating element does not take the tobacco to the “combustible level” but still produces a smoke like vapor.

The most notable part of the device, however, is its ability to communicate with your computer, and others, as well. The device is designed to track and monitor a user’s every puff. By including trackers and a variety of different apps in the patent, the device has the potential to go to the next level of e-cigarette devices as aids in the battle to quit smoking.