Natural flavouring – true or false?

Many companies tell us these days, that what they use for flavouring their eliquids is 100% natural. Let me tell how much of a bullshit that is:)

It’s possible to make a natural flavouring/aroma even at home. For cherry flavour, you’ll need lets say a huge pot of cherries, some water,sugar. After few not complicated actions you’ll be a proud owner of natural aroma – around 1ml.

Now think about that – every cherry tree has different cherries, they are exposed to different environments, so they all taste different. What is the possibility, that a producer has natural flavouring if their flavour is EXACTLY the same in every single liquid for several months or years?

What they call natural is actually artificial with maybe 5% (and that are the best and most expensive ones!) „nature”.

Don’t let some nice quotations deceive you. Always check certificates 😉 (and avoid china!).