No proven risks from using e-cigarettes.

Did you know that tabacco cigarette smoke contains over 4000 identified chemicals and probably many more known chemicals – including a number of known carcinogenes and poisons? For example: Cyanide (pison), carbon monoxide, methanol, acetylene, ammonia (poison), nitrosamines (cancer causing), radioactive carcinogens, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons,…E cigarettes contain just a 3 base chemicals plus food-grade flavourings: propylene glycol (food preservative), nicotine, glycerin (sweetner) and eg. vanillin (vanilla extract). There are no proven risks from using e-cig and tons of proven risks of tabacco smoking: up to x 4 grater risk of coronary heart disease, up to x 13 grater risk of dying from chronic obstructive lung disease, up to x 23 grater risk of developing lung cancer in men, up to x 4 grater risk of stroke, 5,4 million people die from tabacco use every year! Dr Murray Laugesen, New Zeland most experienced researcher on smoking policy and cigarettes said about e cig: ” This product is safe, efficacious, and possibly effective in stopping smoking…it is a product that potentially just might assist smokers to quit and therefore cut the 1 in 2 cumulative death rate in smokers”.