What are the best clearomizers / atomizers?

There two major types of clearo-/atomizers. First one has the heater on the bottom, second on the top. What are pros and cons of both systems?

The first one seems better, since you don’t have to turn over the ecigarette every now and then. It’s as easy to fill it up as the second one and they definitely look better. The problem is when you suck to hard (:D), the eliquid gets sucked into to tube and from there to your mouth. After that you must unscrew the whole thing and clean every single little part!

The device with heater on top looks a bit ancient and need turning over to soak the wicks, but in the long run it’s much more difficult to cause any leakage. There is always something quite interesting for pros-to-be, because in this heater you are able to start doing your first simple coils, as well as change the original wick.

It all depends on what you favour in the device – the looks or ergonomics.