What kind of batteries should you use for your ecig?

I would say there are 3 major type of batteries for eCigs. The first one is a regular, let’s call it starter, battery, that comes with every kit. Most of them are around 650 mah and are decent. I’ve used it for some time, but then switched to a 1300mah with variable voltage. What an upgrade that was! After switching to 3,8, my eCig started to get more flavour even on a shitty clearomizer! Apart from that, the heater burned more often and the battery needed to be charged every single day, sometimes even twice. Third option is something rather for pros, that like to play with the wicks, DIY heaters, meshes, etc. MODS with 2500 mah or higher. You know what I’m talking about. It looks more like a cannon, than an eCigarette, but gives you the best vaping experience. VapeOn guys 🙂