Why is more vapour better?

There are three major reasons why a huge vapour cloud is better than some mist coming out of your ecigarette. For once – it looks brilliant! Being able to produce a huge cloud is a god like deed, especially if you’re able to make vapour circles in the air. But that’s more of a hobby reason.

The more vapour you can produce, the more liquid has been evaporated, which means that the flavour of your eliquid is also pushed to it’s maximum. Since you make more vapour, more ingredients have been evaporated, not just the flavour, but one of the most important ingredients – nicotine. The throat hit will increase substantially with the increase of the cloud production!

How to do it? Well this might not be found good by some, because this is where hardware makes its entrance. The more powerful the ecigarette is, the battery, coil, wick, etc, the bigger the cloud is. Remember, an ego set is just a starter, in some time you will need an ECOM or a mod.

VapeON guys!